Out for a Week

I’ll be away from computers for a week, beginning this Saturday night. Thus, don’t expect any posting during that time (not like I’ve been horribly productive recently anyway…).

I’ll be at Sonlight Camp. This week in particular, I’ll be out there as a volunteer counselor. It basically means I get to play all day tell the kids to shut up and try going to sleep at night. Hikes, trail rides, rafting… I’m looking forward to it.

Later in the summer, I’m going back for another week, but that time as the speaker for the week. Each week’s speaker addresses the same theme all throughout the summer. So I’m kinda nervous because I don’t really have my ideas for my week clearly lined out yet. I’m guessing this next week’s speaker will hear I’m a speaker later on and want to compare notes on how we’re each gonna come at the theme. Also, I don’t want to be influenced by his approach. Don’t wanna seem like a copycat hahaha. But I think I can spend some time tomorrow to at least get some big idea subthemes laid out in advance. Anyway… it’s trivial.


3 responses to “Out for a Week

  1. “Can You Hear Me Now?” … very open-ended, tons of possibilities.Update: this week’s speaker isn’t entirely prepared yet either, so I don’t feel as bad. :)

  2. first thing that springs to mind is ‘prayer’. What is it? How does it work? Are we just shouting into the darkness?

    ‘still small voice’ – being still and listening

    ‘evangelism’ – Kenda Creasy Dean tells a story about a class she taught on evangelism in a noisey culture. Room full of noise, music, tv, games, all loud, and a person in the corner with a bible. How do they make themselves heard? Buy some time on tv or radio? Make a computer game? You could, but the best answer was ‘get close enough to whisper in their ear’.

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