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Plan B

July 1st. Wheee! …right? Yeah, kinda cool that we’re over the hump. 6 out of 12 months have passed. I blinked a few seconds ago, I coulda sworn it was mid-April then. Oh well.

I’m not excited about Monday (technically today). Summer’s been fun, but I haven’t been paying attention to as much around me as I should have been. Or, maybe enough, but not the right things.

I (and many others around me) have been planning on me beginning my graduate work this Fall. The plan was to enroll at University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, in Iowa. They have a great distance program that will allow me to keep my Durango life while I work on my M.Div. The thing is, since it is a distance program, it takes a bit longer. 5 years going full-steam every semester. And as much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy seminary just for all the great reading and discussion, earning my graduate degree holds significant practical importance. Down the road, formal ordination will allow a church to pay me a tax-exempt housing allowance on top of my salary. Now within the PC(USA), said ordination requires achievement of a Master’s degree. Moral of the story, ordination will make life a lot easier, in terms of raising a family and living expenses and all that.

Now, back to why the post is titled “Plan B.” I’ll know for sure in a few hours, but I have a hunch I may have missed the application deadline to enroll in Dubuque’s distance program for this Fall. If so, I’ll be kicking myself pretty hard. It was a simple date on the horizon, and I fill out applications well. I just would have had to make a note about July 2 sneaking up, and this would be a non-issue.

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Away from me, Joel Osteen!

Life is pretty sweet here in Durango. I was talking with my Best Man last week, and he was just listing all these things that he saw in my life that should make him jealous. He has a right view of things, so there’s no jealousy actually going on, but he was like “Wow…” Continue reading


When you hear that word, what do you think of?

I can’t help but think of an open-topped Porsche. Here’s what the company has to say about the word:

We named the Targa after the Targa Florio, that evocative long distance race track in the Sicilian mountains where for ten years our cars have been subjected to the most gruelling sports trials, but also to invoke images of the marvellous setting of this race track, of the Sicilian springtime, the southern sunshine, the summer temperatures and the blue sea.

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