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Halloween Alternative Alternative

When I have kids, I’m taking them trick-or-treating for sure! Yeah, I think I’ll exercise some control over costume selection, but they’re dressing up and getting out there and amassing pounds upon pounds of sweet sugary goodness to share with their Daddy!

I get so sick of the evagelical community asserting in word and action that most kids’ Halloween experience is intrinsically evil. We can argue till we’re blue in the face over the satanic roots that may or may not exist hundreds of years back, but the point is: what is it now? How do our society’s children experience it today? It’s harmless fun.

Sure, there’s a small segment of Halloween revelers that perverts this innocent candy-fest into satanic summonings and animal offerings. Much to my chagrin, the aforementioned subculture of Christians follows suit with the rest of their actions and freaks out about what the minority is doing. Loud-mouth boycotting instead of loving.

…bah humbug! I’m ready for Christmas! :)

William Blake


“Without Contraries is no progression. Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate, are necessary to Human existence.”

“Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of Religion.”

-William Blake

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, ca. 1790

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Louie “Bacchus” Giglio

Yes, Louie Giglio drinks wine. And he talked about it at Catalyst. Get over it, losers!

For the uninformed: Like a whole third of my search engine hits come from searching “louie giglio + wine” or some variation thereof.

So now there are two Baylor alumni that we know of that consume the grape in its wonderful fermented form…

Catalyst: Marcus Buckingham

Day One, Session Two was Marcus Buckingham. If you’ve ever read/used a Gallup Poll on management or leadership, this guy probably had something to do with it. The big thesis from his presentation was spend more time playing to your strengths. Apparently, the most successful companies encourage playing to employees’ strengths over correcting their weaknesses. So maybe it’s worth a try transplanting that to working in ministry teams. Some of what he had to say, however, came off as kinda cheesy management psycho-babble. So, I think the best approach for this entry is to outline what he said and throw in my $0.02 (italicized) under each bullet point.

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Other pages.

My Audiophilia and Bibliophilia pages have long gone neglected. No more! (at least for today…) They’re updated. Check ’em out. Dialogue if something strikes you.

And if you’re the type who really likes to compare notes on what’s listed there, hold me accountable to keeping the pages current!

Catalyst: Andy Stanley

So I guess the format that I’m going to pursue here is just break my Catalyst experience down session by session.

For my friends who weren’t able to make it, the theme was clearly. And it was pretty well-integrated throughout the conference.

The first speaker on Thursday morning was Andy Stanley. He’s the pastor at North Point Community Church in Atlanta. Definitely appreciated his insights on leadership; it was cool that he didn’t just go for “Here’s how Jesus led…” Here’s the deal:

The Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms of men and gives them to anyone he wishes and sets over them the lowliest of men. Daniel 4:17b

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Oh my stars, Catalyst was awesome! Each speaker had tons to offer… really engaging and thought-provoking. I took copious notes, so don’t worry, plenty will be transcribed to the blog. I’ll try to post one speaker a day for the next little while…

But here’s a nugget of wisdom that I picked up from you’d-never-guess-who:

“You and me arguing about who’s more righteous is like arguing about who could jump farther into the Grand Canyon. You might get 4 feet farther out there than me, but we’re both still sunk!” 

Status of updates to come

ARGH I can’t take the “company laptop” on my “business trip.” What’s it good for if it can’t leave the building? Do I also need special clearance to take it down to Durango Joe’s for a couple hours and do some work over an espresso?

So, I’ll be writing down plenty of thoughts as quickly as I can soak them up, per Matt‘s request. But it’ll be hard copy first, then transferred to el bloggo magnificado.

Look for a super-meaty Catalyst update early next week!

Books & Catalyst!

I love free stuff. Especially when that free stuff caters to my interests.

I love to read. Therefore, I love it when I get free books.

I’ve been sent all of these simply because I registered for a conference. How sweet, huh? It’s called Catalyst. It’s all about providing Christ-centered leadership that specifically connects with emerging generations of our ever-changing culture (but not just for church workers- people from all spheres of employment come to this thing!). Anyway, I guess Catalyst strikes some deal with publishers to get the publishers’ brand new books out to readers, equivalent of talking it up at the water cooler. Yay.

Speaking of Catalyst, that’s where I’m headed tomorrow. Atlanta, woohoo. I was hoping to get into a routine of blogging about 4 times a week, but that probably won’t happen this week. I hope to take my church’s laptop with me, so I might get some done, but don’t count on it.

I’ll also have a few social and family appointments I’m pretty excited to make after the conference ends each day. We get to stay with one of Nina’s aunt & uncles that I haven’t got to know too well yet (mainly because they live in Georgia). I’ll also hopeully get to see my old High School Pastor, because he goes to Catalyst every year (and even brings his whole staff!). He’s a little hard to get ahold of, though. So, it’s a crapshoot whether he’ll call me or not. I think I can expect a lunch at best. But that would be awesome.