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Tags vs. Categories

Recently WordPress has added tags as an option for classifying posts. If you check my “Post Categories” dropdown menu over there on the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see a pretty long list. Basically I’ve been using categories as tags. Click here for a pretty good introductory FAQ on the supposed differences between tags and categories.

I’d like to take advantage of the WP folks’ efforts (i.e. have accurate tags and categories). But it seems like it will be quite a long process to go back and remove unnecessary categories from posts and then re-apply those words as tags. Maybe I’ll just delete categories that really shouldn’t be categories, and then try to tag appropriately from here on out… who knows…

I can see most of my categories being appropriate as tags, but surely some of them would be more appropriate if kept as categories. That’s what I’m having trouble seeing… Anyone else spent much time thinking about this issue?

And if you’ve got a ton of spare time:

  • Which categories from my current list would you suggest I retain as categories?
  • Which ones would have a better fit as tags?
  • How would you categorize this post, for example? And how would you tag it?