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Tom’s Shoes

One thing that sometimes turns me off to even the noblest of fundraising plans and charities and stuff is how complicated they can get. I mean, before you give to something, you should investigate it and find out where your money’s going. So when 55% goes here and 30% goes there and 84% is overhead, blah blah blah, I’m like, “Eh, it’s kinda complicated… Whatever…”

So what about a charity or service that has a 1 to 1 giving ratio? Pretty straightforward and real easy to give to.

Tom’s Shoes.

You buy a pair, another goes to one of 600,000 barefooted kids in Ethiopia. Easy.

On that note, here are some wise words about what we buy:

In simple English, this is truth
So see if this makes sense to you
Under the guise of Jesus Christ
Beneath the vibe and all the lights
They lie, these spies
Covered, your eyes
I never knew this was a contest
I guess we lost it long ago

Blue mixes
Kick us while we’re down, yeah
Fixing prices
Sure, you say one thing
But your actions tell the truth on you

So, blue mix means to weaken sound
Turns concert halls to battlegrounds
Make us pay to go on tour
Marked up t-shirts to match yours
Blind fans, gold mine
You are, dollar signs
And when did this become a contest?
I guess we lost it long ago

Blue mixes
Kick us while we’re down, yeah
Fixing prices
Sure, you say one thing
But your actions tell the truth on you

You are responsible
To watch what you buy
These bands that you love
Pull the wool over your eyes
So watch them
Watch us
Watch them

Five Iron Frenzy, “Blue Mix”

[FIF HT] : t.c.

Paper Skin – Kendall Payne

A new album just came out that I’m really excited for. Kendall Payne is a way talented artist who’s getting better and better with each release.

A little history: Kendall “left” a major CCM label a while back because what they wanted from her was too manufactured and trite. Ergo, one can safely assume she’s the opposite of manufactured and trite. Right up there with Dan Haseltine in terms of working profound lyrics about faith into her art while keeping it from becoming the dreck that annoyingly attracts oodles of head-in-the clouds christianizers. I heard her on a demo CD back in high school, and liked her 1 song on it. I kinda forgot about her music for a few years. Then I saw Kendall open for Bebo Norman at a show in Waco, and I was hooked. Bought the album, Grown (her sophomore release), that evening during intermission. So keep an eye out for any of her shows in your area… one of the best I’ve been to, especially if you luck out with an acoustic set. Now Kendall’s third album has come out, Paper Skin. And judging from the track samples, it’s absolutely a work of art.

It’ll be on iTunes in a short while, but according to Kendall, you should buy the album through digstation.com because it pays better per song, while costing you the same. Hard copies can be obtained through cdbaby.

Album Download: Paper Skin – Kendall Payne

Kendall’s blog post on the album release