Monthly Archives: May 2006

Back at it!

Ok, so I know my blog isn’t exactly the most popular one out there. Nonetheless, I was flattered that people pestered me over the past week-and-a-half about the lack of posting going on. So, you want some lousy excuses? Continue reading


It’s a great concept. I’ve spent some time thinking about this word, and it’s really something worth pursuing. In high school, we tossed it around as a substitute for whatsup or hey, just to be different. But really, I think it deserves way more credit than a Hebrew howdy. Continue reading

Relativity, Part II

Spent some time reading while on an exercise bike yesterday. Generally, I don’t think the magazines at the Rec Center are all that interesting, so I brought my own book. And wouldn’t you know, this particular book had a great follow-up to Ruth Benedict’s essay on cultural norms and morality. Continue reading


Let me just go on record to say that I will be seeing The Da Vinci Code. I hate hype-induced long lines though, so I'm going to wait till the film's been out a week.

And you know what else? I'm taking my students too. Kinda like a double whammy for those Christians of the naive, isolationist variety. I'm so thankful to work in a church where I have support for engaging our culture head-on!

Anyone in here D-town, feel free to join us if you're interested. Time/date not set yet, but lemme know, and I'll have my people call your people. We'll come back to the church for good food and even better discussion afterwards.

Ethics ≠ mc²?

Relativity. Seems like it’s been a hot topic ever since good ol’ Al put the concept into Johnny Commonsense’s vernacular. And I kinda get how it works, at least in the equation sense, with energy and mass and whatnot.

But what about the world of ethics? Does/should/has/can relativity permeate this facet of our existence? I just read an excerpt by Ruth Benedict on the topic. Continue reading

Away from me, Joel Osteen!

Life is pretty sweet here in Durango. I was talking with my Best Man last week, and he was just listing all these things that he saw in my life that should make him jealous. He has a right view of things, so there’s no jealousy actually going on, but he was like “Wow…” Continue reading


When you hear that word, what do you think of?

I can’t help but think of an open-topped Porsche. Here’s what the company has to say about the word:

We named the Targa after the Targa Florio, that evocative long distance race track in the Sicilian mountains where for ten years our cars have been subjected to the most gruelling sports trials, but also to invoke images of the marvellous setting of this race track, of the Sicilian springtime, the southern sunshine, the summer temperatures and the blue sea.

Continue reading