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Today I threw out probably in the neighborhood of 75 pounds of junk… and it was all paper.  I’ve been emptying out old binders, folders, rolodexes, and other forms of hard-copy organization for a breath of fresh air the past couple days.  (Don’t worry, I recycle as much of it as possible.)  Continue reading

Getting salty

No, I’m not considering a career move to take up peg legs, parrots, and general Caribbean piracy.

One thing that’s been troubling me off and on the past few months is that I kinda live in a Christ-follower bubble.  No, not a Christian bubble.  A Christ-follower bubble. Baylor was a Christian bubble, because it was all about the label. I say I am in a Christ-follower bubble now because I am almost totally surrounded by people that are for-the-most-part submitted to loving the world as Christ did and carrying out his radical ideas.

But there’s a problem. Continue reading

How ya’ feeling?

There’s an amazingly insteresting new website up. WeFeelFine harvests “I feel ____” statements from oodles and oodles of blogs, and represents this stew of feelings graphically.  In fact, there are 6 unique “movements,” or unique ways the website creators showcase the collection of emotions.  That concept alone is just plain crazy. But to make it even cooler, you can narrow your search.  The default is “I feel ____” about any feeling made by all ages, all genders, all nationalities of people in all types of weather (sunny/cloudy/rainy/snow).  But for each of those, you can narrow it. It’s sooo cool.

So check it out.

Feels like home

Just finished the refurnishing of the basement in my church’s education wing. Nina’s put in a ton of hours on it, too, and she gave it all these way cool finishing touches.

We were going for a really simple living-room feel, and I think it turned out way cozy. There’s a large main room with matching ping pong and foosball tables, a kitchenette, and some decent couches around a fireplace and TV cart. On that note, it’s got really sweet surround sound, with 5 strategically mounted satellite speakers and a subwoofer. Also, we were able to light the room sufficiently without having to use the glaring fluorescents overhead. Yeah, that office/cubicle feel is no good… The one finishing touch that I can’t wait for is some simple candle sconces and whatnot, but that involves some red tape.

There are two classrooms off to the side. One has a really earthy theme to it, and the other is supposed to feel kinda coastal. The earthy room has an awesome orange accent wall, and the coastal room has a light blue wall that didn’t turn out as cool as I had hoped, but they both work well enough.

Click here for photos!

…and yes, I know it’s been a while. :-P