Monthly Archives: July 2006

Hi again :-)

Back from Denver. Awesome time. Wait for a post. Or ask directly. :-)

Done traveling for a short while. I now have a two-week layover in Durango. Plenty of posting in that time frame, I hope.

I’ve lost my cell phone. Give me a few days to order another one (grumble grumble)… if you think you were in my phone book before, pass your number on to me, pretty please?

To the Sheddenator: I really need to talk to that potential intern… any help?


I know, I know… yesterday I said I was gonna post about the new way in which I’ve started thinking about Heaven.

There definitely wasn’t enough time for two lengthy posts during work; I’m not like someone or someone else I know who have all the time in the world during the workday :P . On the contrary, I spent a lot of time gearing up to take the middle-school students to Denver for some mission work next week.

First, when I got home, it wasn’t long before my wife and I had a dinner to go to with a prospective church staff member.

Then, when I got home, it was simply time for distraction-free quality time with my loving wife. Can’t let long days intrude on the marriage. Big no-no.

So, Heaven can wait. We’ll see if I get it done before departing for Denver.

Grace and Peace to you.

Hey, wait a second…

Did I just contradict myself in the previous post?

Quote 1: We, as Christ-followers, are to love. We are to love for love’s sake. We are to love without an agenda.

Quote 2: Addressing universalism with this mandate in clear view, my personal philosophy is to hope against all hope that universalism is true, but more importantly to act like it’s not. Continue reading


Recently, there’s been a small surge of [re-]thinking about Hell –and more largely, Universalism– in the circle of blogs I read. I think it started with Generous Orthodoxy Think Tank, but that’s irrelevant. It’s led to some great conversation from one blog to another. One of the recent text bytes to come in to play is from venerable old Kierkegaard.

I’m serious. I love that guy. Continue reading

My wife rules.

Because I’m enjoying a decadent confection that she made a special trip to the store to pick up. Just what I need after a long day. She takes such good care of me.


(Just in case you can’t read the label: 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate. Yum.)

A headbutt to humanity

First, major congrats to Italy on World Cup victory. Forza Italia! Compeone del Mondo 2006!


Also, can I just say those guys rock for winning, but also looking good doing it? I mean this in the most heterosexual way possible: they’re just a bunch of handsome studs. In fact, on a broader plane, Italian men and women are some of the most beautiful humans on the planet. The World Cup team, my wife, you get the picture…

But I digress.

The game was marred by possibly the most heinous display of un-sportsmanship I’ve seen in a long time. Apparently an Italian, Materazzi, was playing mindgames with a Frenchie, Zidane, and possibly said some nasty things. So what happened? Zidane delivered a headbutt square to Materazzi’s chest. Unfortunately for France, their top scorer’s actions garnered a red card and his immediate ejection from the game. What fitting irony for them to lose in a penalty kick situation, where having a powerful scorer could have changed the final outcome! If Materazzi did indeed utter an insult, I would wholeheartedly say that he was in the wrong as well.But still! Is not the mark of a gentleman his graceful response in the face of adversity?!? I think there is nothing that can justify Zidane’s actions.

No matter what Materazzi did, Zidane’s humanity binds him to act on reason, not instinct. Man is a step higher than animal by the sole fact that he is not bound by rashness and instinct. Dogs smell each other’s rear-ends based on instinct. Shouldn’t Zidaneact better than that?

Oh, and then there’s good ol’ Jacques Chirac! His post-debacle comments: “Dear Zinedine…I want to express to you…the admiration … of the whole nation – it’s respect too”. Chirac does not surprise me one bit. I pity him.