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Following the Star

We talk a lot about the “true meaning of Christmas,” don’t we? Often, I’m pretty proud that I’ve got it all figured out… but is this really reflected in my actions? Is the spiritual season of Advent really something really has any effect on my relationship with my Creator? Questions like these have been bugging me recently, and I encourage you to ask yourself as well.

I’m still no all-star when it comes to thinking and praying about what it really means that Jesus Christ came down to us. But I’ve found a resource that I’d like to share that has really helped:


Following the Star is an online devotional guide, just for Advent. It’s updated daily, with new contemplative music and new scriptures and devotional questions to help you ponder what Advent is all about… It works based on a series of pages that lead you to pause and reflect, listen to scripture, think about your world with the help of a devotional passage, pray for God’s guidance in applying his Truth, and then go into the world just waiting for you to bring God’s love.

Try it. See if it doesn’t have an impact.

(and it continues on past Advent too, @ d365.org)