Spirit of Blogging

I haven’t written much in a while, and the reasons for this lack of activity are actually some pretty important stories. But I haven’t felt like writing them down. I’ve been pushed a lot recently, which has been great, but tough. And not always entirely appropriate for public consumption (yet).

So, combine this with my noticing of many people returning to what blogging started out as… which correct me if I’m wrong, was more about being a conduit, predominantly about linking to other people and interesting information.  I especially appreciate it when people amicably link to people they may not agree with, not to blast them but to include their voice in the conversation…. and anyway, I’ve decided make my first post in a long time one where I point to some other good stuff for you to read:

Other people you should read in lieu of my consistent blogging:



2 responses to “Spirit of Blogging

  1. Wow–thanks for the ref! Not sure I’m worthy of keeping company with the other blogs on the list, but I’ll try. You’re absolutely right about the origins of the blog, and sharing other voices and ideas. In a culture where too often it’s “all about me” it would be great to see blogging return to its roots…

  2. Yeah, me too. Thanks for the encouragement., and the link. And like Mr. Locke I’m not sure if I am worthy of being on this list. So I am honored. And know I have to try apparently to write more and better and more better, because the bar is now set a little higher. So thanks….thanks a lot. Also that is sarcasm. That last part is I mean. I am not being sarcastic about the thanks for the encouragement thing I said. Um…I’m gonna go now…

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