Under Attack

Probably one of the cloudiest areas of my personal theology is “spirit” stuff. Spiritual warfare, Satan’s role on earth, God’s Spirit among us, etc. Money is well-discussed in the Bible, as well as leadership, and a whole range of other things that I feel pretty solid about, theologically speaking. I’m not ready to give my final answer when it comes to most of these spirit topics, but Jon Birch has hit really hit the nail on the head with how I’m feeling at the moment: (Sorry, my blog theme’s narrow post column necessitates the thumbnail… click to enlarge…)


In addition to his general blog, Jon maintains a cartoon blog full of sharp, dry humor. That’s where this cartoon came from. ASBO Jesus = Brit speak for ‘Anti Social Behavior Order’. Jon reminds me of Shane Claiborne: he clearly believes in a Jesus that doesn’t come along and just make everything peachy, but instead in a savior that messes your life up after you meet him! (I wish I was strong enough to follow this Jesus!) Nothing is safe or exempt from ASBO’s witty criticism, and Birch knows just how to poke at things… add ASBO to your RSS!


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