Catalyst 2007 – Patrick Lencioni

“The Ministry of Management”

  • Work is under-focused-on in our lives. Not in terms of time spent, but how it’s often thought of as that “other thing we do.”
    • Even in church. There’s not much talk about work. Family, poverty, orphans, etc. All admirable topics, but honestly, what takes up the majority of our time? TV clergy/priests always shown giving a sermon or leading confession, never doing paperwork.
  • Ah, but it’s changing. Shows like “Dirty Jobs.” The people on those shows, the people that have crappy jobs, seem to be pretty much content. And then we look at the CEO’s and high-level managers, and they’re miserable!
    • Maybe we should be focusing on … fulfillment.
  • Nobody’s immune from the “Oh, crap, I gotta go to work tomorrow…” blues.
  • “People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.” -Samuel Johnson
  • Observed an obviously cheerful young employee at an airport fast-food joint. His colleagues obviously despised him.
    • BUT… Like everyone else, he deserves to love his job. So what does he need from management to help him continue on as he is?
  • We all need just a few simple things, or rather, need the absence of a few simple things:
  • Anonymity
    • We ALL have a need to be known.
    • Why don’t we think we’re supposed to invest in the people we work with? (Especially those with whom we’re trusted to manage!)
      • Lencioni was wined and dined while being recruited for a consulting job out of college. Very same managers actively ignored him from Day 1 on the job.
    • Excuses for allowing anonymity: Too busy, forgot what it’s like to be
    • there, fear of suddenly coming off as disingenuous, lazy, arrogace
  • Irrelevance
    • You have to know that you make a difference in someone else’s life, however large or small that difference might be.
    • Pastors have the “making a difference” market cornered, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need reminding that people appreciate the difference they do make.
  • Immeasurement
    • A Fundamental Wondering: “How am I doing?”
    • We need to be able to know how we measure up, and ideally need to be able to informally measure ourselves
    • Do those you manage have the tools to know how they’re doing? They could be miserable if they don’t..
    • Example of immeasurement: pooled tips.

    Bottom line… Don’t wait to retire so you can go be a missionary, and let that be your grand legacy of influence. Don’t wait to retire to realize the impact you have at the place you’re at right now. The people you manage are more long-term impacted than anyone you’ll short-term serve on a mission trip or other retirement project!

(RPD comments forthcoming.)

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