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After too much red tape (and too many HTML headaches) to get a youth ministry page posted within my church’s website, I decided to just let WordPress help out. Got the “Why didn’t I think of that before?!?” idea from a colleague of mine who also uses a blog format for his youth ministry page.

It’s here:

Head over. Check it out.

  • What could be done to make it more functional, specifically for use as a youth ministry communication tool?
  • If you’re in youth ministry and use a blog for getting info out to your students, what lessons have you learned?
  • Thinking about adding a Flickr widget for ministry photos… potential privacy issues? How did you address them?
  • Have you been able to make it foster anything near the community that the social networking sites promote?
  • What cues can a blog take from the standard youth ministry webpage?

3 responses to “Student Ministry Blog

  1. I’m back…
    Regarding Flickr: I created a group for our … well, group.

    All photos go through a moderation queue before they are displayed in the group. This is easily setup by an administrator. Also: I never tag a photo with a student’s name. The student themselves may do this, but I find that they regularly do not include a full name.

    I don’t think that there is more of a privacy issue than the photos they are already putting on Flickr, or the mass of information about themselves that is already online.

  2. Great idea. I’m organising a training day / conference in Edinburgh (bit far to travel for you) on how churches can use blogging and podcasting and other digital tools to enhance our work with young people and to connect with the digital generation.

    I’m trying hard to encourage more of the churches I work with to get online in a blog format to allow members of the group to post and to comment but also to show off what they do to a wider audience. I’ll let you know how we get on in November.

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