Ah, summer…

Since I’m in a more or less educational field, you might be tempted to think that my summers are pretty lackadaisical. Au contraire! It’s my job to entertain the students while their “August through May” educators take a break (ok, well hopefully I do more profound work than simply entertaining).

I really don’t want to make a post talking about work, but that’s about all that’s been going on recently, so I figure if I start typing about it, other more interesting things will surface.

So the Presbyterian Church has this big conference for sr. high students that they put on every three years. It has a really exciting name. Ready for it? … wait … waaaaait … waaaaait for it …


Leave it to the PCUSA to derive almost straight from Latin the name for a conference geared at high-schoolers. And they wonder why they continue to stand around scratching their heads on how to solve the problem of losing engagement with emerging generations… In no way am I poking fun at the name to advocate the use of “eXtreme” or some other tired youth-min cliche, but c’mon! Does anyone else see what I’m getting at?

I’ve inherited a ton of loose ends to tie up. You see, for Triennium, we do everything as a presbytery. For me, that means all the churches on the Western Slope. Thankfully this year’s Triennium contingent only has participants from two other towns, both down here in the southwestern part of the state. Back to the loose ends. There’s a person for each presbytery (jeez, how lame is it that I can’t think of anything else to type but explain the Triennium registration process?!?) who arranges all the travel and whatnot for the ‘delegates’ from a given presbytery. The person who was supposed to take care of all this stuff was (up until recently) my boss that I didn’t get along with. We really just had quite divergent ministry strategies, and I gather (s)he was not accustomed to someone “under” them fighting for ideas different than their own. So as a result, I haven’t been “in” on this whole process much. And now that his/her employment contract at our church has expired, I’m left to make sure the remaining details really are in order. We have two half-hour layovers on our way to Indiana. Blah. I’m tired an will finish this post later. —Draft saved July 13 —

—Draft continued July 17— We’re staying at a church in Albuquerque. Everyone is sleeping but I can’t. We will begin loading the cars and grab a quick breakfast in about 4 hours.

The moral of this story is that I haven’t blogged much because I was tying up all sorts of loose ends for our group to attend Triennium, and now I’ll be a non-blogger for this next week because we’ll actually be at Triennium.



One response to “Ah, summer…

  1. jeez russell…are you trying to say that the latin language is in fact not cool? if you are then i am offened as a student that has been taking latin under the careful watch and guidence of ms. miriam bundy. you should know that a good 40% of the english language derives from latin words. well i hope you get your act together.

    ps- if it wasnt for latin we wouldnt have the word loquacious which happens to derive from one of my fav latin verbs loquor (to talk/ speak) and it happens to mean talkative and that just so happens to be what i am loquacious… arent you glad im alive to leave you comments like this?

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