Recent Decline in Blogging

My friend Stewart shot me an email this morning to ask if I was alright and whatnot, because it’s been a good week-&-a-half since I posted last. I anticipate to be able to knock out the final portions of the Scripture Interpretation Project early next week, and then hopefully Shedden and I will get back on track with some joint-blogging on a book.

I’ve been swamped at work the past couple weeks, and that’s where I do most of my blogging, because I can write it off as theological development. Last Saturday (my day off, mind you), I worked from 9:30AM to 11:00PM… scanning dozens of pictures and working on a slideshow for a lunch honoring our high school graduates, and having an interviewee fly down for our children’s director position. I’m not throwing a pity party, but that’s just an example of a couple big projects that were going on recently.

Also, Anina’s mom and stepdad are in town right now, so we’re playing host a lot when I’m not working (and even taking some time off work too!). Contrary to the popular stereotype, I’m having a blast with my in-laws in town. They’re staying at a beautiful bed-and-breakfast north of town, and the owners are always inviting Anina and I to come out for breakfast and to hang out. Sunday night will be cigars around the firepit! (Shameless plug: Country Sunshine is the name, and I’d highly recommend it. Walter and Jodi are the owners, and they’re awesome people!)

I finally finished Yancey’s Reaching for the Invisible God, a book I originally opened in 2003. I’ve read the first few chapters maybe 4 to 6 times because I’d start and then lose momentum and restart a year later. But now it’s done, and it was great.

Now I’m in Bruggeman’s The Prophetic Imagination. It was originally published in 1978, and I’ve got a 2000 edition, and just taking notes on Bruggeman’s thoughts in the Y2K Preface is a chore! Interesting material, for sure, but quite complex.


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