A good friend of mine (my Best Man, actually) works in the audio-visual industry, and a while ago he started preaching about these cases that his company stores all their equipment in. Like… you know… expensive expensive top-of-the-line multi-thousand-dollar A/V equipment. Then he found out that this company makes flashlights as well, and so he bought a couple (he works in dark crawl spaces a lot too). And so on the next phone call after that, I heard about his new lights. I’ve checked them out, and now I definitely want one too. The company is Pelican.

So first, the cases. I want one for our new camcorder. I tend to be rough on things: my GPS has a crack on the screen (but not down to the LCD part, thankfully); my camera sounds all sandy and gritty when you slide the lens cover to the side. Both show pretty good scratches as well. So, to protect this nice new investment, I want a Pelican case. I don’t know much about the specs and whatnot, but they’re purely indestructible.

And the flashlight. I keep a 3C Maglite in my car at all times, but it’s just a standard bulb, whatever most old-school flashlight bulbs are (before LED). It’s never failed, and it is pretty rough-n-rugged. I also like that it does have a few scratches and scuffs, because they tell stories. But Pelican’s lights blow my trusty Maglite out of the water. The main thing is that they have a technology called “Recoil LED.” Instead of just shooting an LED beam forward and surrounding it with a reflective cone, they shoot the beam backward (toward the tailcap) and into the reflective cone. What results is a beam of light that is insanely concentrated, and it puts normal LEDs to shame. Other cool features are that it’s submersible to 500 feet, has an amazingly long burn time, and something called a photoluminescent shroud. Think about it: when you need a flashlight, it’s probably because it’s dark, right? So why not be able to see the light you’re reaching for? Yeah, smart.

Check out Pelican’s video library. I highly recommend the “Torture Tests” video for the cases and the “Recoil Technology” video for the flashlights.

Edit 27Feb07: Got permission from the wife to order a flashlight (she got to shop for spring clothes in exchange)! Wheee! A Photoluminescent Stealthlite is on the way! If you’re going to buy a Pelican, go to Cases4Less. I don’t know how, but they sell tons of Pelican stuff for waaay below retail.


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