Ha! You thought I was going to get all mushy on you, didn’t you? Well actually, I was referring to the sticky substance excreted by our photosynthetic friends: sap from trees.

Mondays are my Sabbath. So yesterday Anina and I went for a great mid-day stroll out in some open space on the edge of town (Durango Mountain Park, for you locals). It’s usually not my habit to do so, but I left my cell phone in my pocket when we ventured out from the trailhead. No, I’m not going to give you some goofy excuse that I took it because we were going off-trail but were still within calling range in case of an emergency. Hey, that’s quality B.S. … I’m impressed with myself…

Anyway, while I was climbing a tree, somehow my phone got a good helping of sap smeared on its faceplate. At first I was kinda annoyed when I discovered it upon arriving back at the car. I tried to wipe it off, completely forgetting that this only spreads the sap onto more of the surface as well as my finger. Oops.

So now the front panel of my phone is crusted over with dried tree sap (not sticky anymore, thankfully). And whenever I’m making a call, I can smell the wonderful pine I climbed yesterday. It’s like potpourri for my phone… ooh!… phonepourri.

Just a nice reminder that all our little techno-toys will more than likely never be fully impervious to nature.


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