2002 Fawnridge Zinfandel

Fawnridge Winery made the Zinfandel and Chardonnay that we had at our wedding. Anina and I kept a few bottles of the Zin because it was just so good, and because it has a custom label made just for us (ok, maybe the sentimental attachment and the label are the primary reasons). For the past year, we’ve had 2 bottles here at the apartment, on display in the kitchen as decoration. The plan was to open one on our anniversary, but I ended up with an intestinal virus woohoo! We had already brought home the bottle of Copolla Shiraz that I blogged about last time. So anyway, I was healthy for Saint Valentine’s Day, and I whipped up some pasta and red sauce with Italian sausage. Of course, that calls for red wine!

I think this may be the oldest bottle I’ve ever had… that sure shows my wine (in)experience, eh? But this zinfandel fulfills the oft-misinterpreted adage about wine getting better with age. In 50 years, it will supposedly taste like vinegar, but at press time, it is primo.

The bouquet in a big balloon glass is pretty potent. Dense. It embodies that sense of “big” that has become so popular in the American palate. I don’t think it’s overpowering though, because I like things stiff, stout, and in your face. My coffee is espresso. My whisky is scotch. Get it? This zinfandel smells great. Makes me want to drink it. Oh, wait, that’s what comes next…

In the comfort of my own home, with no one to glare at me, I slurp and spray the good fermented grape juice across my tongue. And I think berry preserves. But not too sweet… maybe alcoholic preserves is more accurate. Not strawberry, that’s too sweet. It’s not total raspberry, and I know that boysenberry is often applied to zinfandels, but I’ve never had an actual boysenberry. So this wine is probably a balance of the two. An entertaining taste, basically.

And for the grand finish. The acidity is more on the lively than the subtle side of the spectrum. Again, that’s cool with me. I like a little bit of that astringent pucker in the aftertaste.

Should I come up with a quantitative rating system, if I’m going to do this regularly? Maybe not… I’m guessing I’ll be able to write down what it is about a wine I don’t like. But I haven’t met many of those yet, hahaha….


One response to “2002 Fawnridge Zinfandel

  1. Your going to have to help me find some wines I like. I have no idea where to start.

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