UPDATE 02-19-2008: Our intern search is technically on hold right now, to give us time to sort out all sorts of changes that come with bringing a new Pastor & Head of Staff on board. But if you think that you’re pretty hot stuff and want to ask us to reconsider, by all means, send an email to the address below :-)


This is not a profound post. Just a plug for the intern search my church is conducting. If you know anyone who might be interested in serving in a youth ministry internship, refer them to me!



The First Presbyterian Church of Durango is seeking an emerging leader with a heart for students to fill their Youth Ministry Intern position. 1st Pres. is a 125-year-old church with a congregation exuding Christ’s love. If you’re tired of churches that prioritize programs more than people, this is the church family for you! Durango sits at an elevation of 6,500 feet in southwest Colorado. Our population of roughly 14,000 relatively easy-going people creates a friendly small-town environment. A year-round recreational mecca, Durango lets you pick your poison… skiing, river kayaking, rock-climbing, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, fly-fishing, ice-climbing, desert camping, river-tubing, trail-running, peak-bagging… You won’t get bored here if you like to be outside! Our church views this job as a mission to both the students and the intern. We all know that hands-on experience is huge these days when applying for jobs, and we want to give the right intern some intensive ministry leadership experience to carry with them down their career path.

So, what about the actual internship? We’re looking for someone willing to commit 12 to 15 months to investing in the lives of the students in our youth ministry. The ideal candidate will have strong social and communication skills, but first and foremost, a love of our Creator and of his Creation (especially youth!). During the summer, the intern works full-time, and then scales back to part-time when school starts in the fall. Interns fall under the care of our Director of Youth Ministry in a mentoring relationship. The intern is encouraged and equipped to wade into deep relational ministry with our students. Hands-on learning also comes from the opportunity to design and implement youth ministry programs. Please review the attached Job Description for a rough idea of the typical set of responsibilities for the position. Of course, we believe in flexibility and would love to tailor your duties to your gifts and passions!

Now that we’ve got you excited about the concept, you’re probably wondering about the practical side. Compensation… well, this is a paid internship! The hourly pay is $8.25, for 40 hours during the summer, and 10-15 beginning in the fall. We also provide a rent-free apartment on the church property, utilities included. Will part-time not cut it for you when fall rolls around? Our well-connected church family will be delighted to assist in finding additional employment around town, if desired. Additionally, Fort Lewis College (not even a half-mile from the church) offers an excellent opportunity to knock out some classes to transfer home at the internship’s end.

Interested? Get in touch with us! Obtain an application and job description by emailing
You can also find the necessary documents here.


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