Rhythm. I’ve been out of it for a while, as far as blogging goes. I guess the rhythm has actually become silence. But before I wax poetic (<– aren’t non “-ly” adverbs cool?) about how I’ve lapsed into total blogging failure, I’ll just update you on a few things.

  • SnowDown was awesome. ARRRRR! We went to the Bed Races (A), Wine Tasting (A++), Parade (C+), Feline Fashion Show (B+), Belt-Sander Races (B-), and the OutHouse Stuffing (C). Cool parrrrt about the Bed Races is that we made friends with one of the facilitator dudes and got be in the middle of the races, helping out. And he said he’d look for us next year. ARRR! The Wine Tasting was by far the best event. $20 each got us unlimited beer, wine, and snacks, and a commemorative SnowDown wineglass. We found Pagosa Brewing, which has just started recently, and I’m definitely stopping in next time I’m in the neighborhood. Next year’s SnowDown is medieval. Sweet! Aluminum Foil & Cardboard Knight’s Armor, here I come!
  • At work, I haven’t had a lot that really gets me thinking over the past week or so. I’ve been pretty buried in all sorts of day-to-day stuff. Organizing fundraising, lesson planning, an intern search, planning a ski retreat, blarg….
  • Thomas Jefferson more-than-likely brought the pistachio to North America, sending a sample of it from France to a friend in South Carolina. Yeah, I read that in a Jefferson biography last night.
  • There was a suicide here in town last week. A junior at the high school. Extrovert. Sports. Student Council. … a real shocker. I offered my ears to my students, but I think they all got the support they needed from their friends. It happened on Tuesday last week. On Wednesdays, we host a free lunch next to the high school, but definitely everything was too raw and overwhelming at that point to talk about it. The next “event” of ours was youth group on Sunday afternoon, and by then, they were pretty much all talked out about it. We watched one of Rob Bell’s noomas about death and losing loved ones (“Matthew”, #12), but neglected to dive into much of a discussion about it. I emphasized Bell’s point that Jesus wept, and its implications for us weeping. And handed out the cliche-to-me-but-not-to-them excerpt from Kyle Lake’s undelivered sermon. They seemed to like that. Their copies got folded up and put into pockets; who knows if they’ll refer to that message later on down the road.
  • My right-hand pinkie is badly sprained (or broken?). Has been for two weeks. Grumble grumble… it should be healing better than this. More than likely, I will be sidelined for Sunday’s Middle School Youth Group snow-tubing escapade. And I can’t type well.
  • With no celebration (or… nobody told me about it if there was any), I hit the 1-year mark for working at 1st Pres. As much as I like to (privately) grumble about office antics and inefficiencies, etc., I do like it here. I want to be here for at least 3 more years, to see a graduating class go all the way up through high school.
  • During Thomas Jefferson’s time as U.S. Ambassador to France, he became better friends with Abigail Adams than with her husband (and Jefferson’s diplomatic partner), John. Maybe Mr. J and Mr. A. were just too close for comfort during the 2nd Continental Congress season of their lives. Abigail was so awesome, from what I read. I’d settle for Jefferson’s friendship with her, for sure. But what a lucky man John was. And I’m surprised that there was no documentation of him reacting jealously to Abby’s and Thomas’ friendship. He had such a fiery temper… there must have been great healthy, trusting friendships all around that triangle. Contrast that friendship to how a similar situation is depicted in popular media… that one cell phone commercial where the dude has his friend’s girlfriend’s number stored in his phone, etc….
  • White wine isn’t so bad. We shared a bottle of Italian Pinot Bianco with friends last night over a dinner of thai beef, peanut dipping sauce, and grilled veggies. I think I’m a Dry as opposed to Sweet white drinker. The folks down at Wine Merchant seem to know what they’re talking about when they recommend a bottle.
  • Anina and I and some friends have become addicted to an email-based game that runs a lot like that classic youth group game “Mafia”. Instructions are here. If you want in on the next game, let me know. Yay for deception and groupthink!

Well, I wrote more than I intended to. So maybe I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things. The problem is that I like to write about things of significance, about things that really make you think, and my day-to-day to-do lists don’t really make me think, so I assume that they won’t be all that deep to blog readers, either. So, regardless, I’ll write more often, heady or not.


One response to “Rhythm

  1. White wine is 50/50 for me. When its good its ok, and when its bad its horrible. But in the summer can go down smooth on a hot night. You gotta get a bottle of babich over at the Wine Merchant. Its from NZ. Cheap and excellent.

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