Picked up a new book from a freebie table yesterday… A Theology for the Social Gospel, by Walter Rauschenbusch (wiki). I studied him a little bit in an undergrad class, and didn’t think much of what he had to say. But now, with the current church climate, I think he will be a refreshing read.
Basically, he was all about missional living waaay before the emergent movement made it cool. So I’ll be diving into this book next, and probably find some good stuff to chew on (and of course, post here!)… stay tuned.


2 responses to “Rauschenbusch

  1. Things I’d like to hear your take on: Calvinism, emergent, there emerging church movement, Discipleship, Me and you hooking up, Why tea is better then coffee, favorite wines, What is sin and how it affects us, your perspective on paul, how you read the bible why read it, the role it plays in your life, and your stance on the three I’s (infallibility, inerrancy, and inspiration), and the nature of truth…. Just in case you care what I want your thoughts on.

  2. also why and how you plan to bring sexy back, and trinitarian theology. I think you could do both of these posts at the same time.

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