Selfish(?) Frugality

Just read an article that I wandered over to while checking my Hotmail.

The author has taken on a vow of (relative) poverty. Her motives aren’t as noble as the friars of old, but I think it’s cool that she’s doing it to finish off her education. However, I’m not so sure I can commend her for leaving her marriage just for a change of pace: “Make no mistake: I’m poor by choice, because I needed to change my life. I chose to leave my marriage, and I chose to become a student.”

A high point of the article is the author’s devotion to remain faithful with her tithe. I’m not sure if her justification of it –feeling rich by giving– is really why she does it or if that’s just par for the course for an article to be posted on MSN Money, but I’m glad that millions of readers can see someone giving to the Church from a motive besides guilt.

All pros and cons aside, the article is an interesting read that offers a little illumination to each of us on what it might mean to cut back a little bit.

What if Christ-followers got serious about financial responsibility, got serious about aligning priorities with cashflow, got serious about putting their pennies or dollars (cf. the widow in the temple) towards working for the reconciliation of Creation to its Creator?


One response to “Selfish(?) Frugality

  1. If Christ-followers got serious about their financial responsibilities, then I’d say we might be able to better compete with the LDS church in missionary work. Mormons are some of the most responsible tithers out there. There is a lot to learn about responding to the grace we have been shown by God. It doesn’t earn our place in Heaven to tithe, but what does our response to God’s command say of our “new” heart?

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