My little indulgence of materialism.

Those of you who know me know that I’m passionate -nay, borderline obsessive/compulsive- about the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. I’m not in it for the caffeine (although my parents did think of me when they bought this amusing shirt)… I like this summary on a great retailer‘s site:

“For us drinking coffee isn’t just about getting caffeine pumped into our systems as quickly as possible. It’s about enjoying one of our favorite things in life, and it involves much more than the brew itself.”

I enjoy the glorious bean in all of its preparations… espresso, moka-pot, pour-over, cupped, french press, etc. The thing about this array is that each requires a different grind setting. Those little grinders with the single blade that spins round and round do the trick for a regular coffee machine (which I enjoy most regularly), but most other preparations require an insanely consistent grind that the whirleybirds just can’t produce. I should clarify: to do those other preparations well, to savor them in accordance with their design, you need a consistent grind. What holds most people back from getting a good-quality burr grinder (contrast: whirleybird grinder) is the pricetag. And being a college student for the past few years, I just held off and dreamed of someday having my own commercial-grade burr grinder.

So finally I took the plunge! I piled together my Christmas money, and bought a grinder named Rocky, manufactured by Rancilio, a fine Italian company. Here he is:

Rocky can pump out a great consistent grind for the whole spectrum of settings… pretty coarse (french press) to medium (drip or pourover) to fine (espresso) to super-fine (turkish). I am excited.


One response to “My little indulgence of materialism.

  1. Hey.. Nice article…. Always good to find ppl who are passionate about those little dark roasted beans… Mmm..
    Hmm.. Wonder if “Rocky” is available in Australia…??

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