I’m getting to the point where it’s fitting to get students in my youth ministry involved in shaping what we do, with the aim of creating ownership and maximizing our programs’ effectiveness. (That sounded dry, didn’t it?)

So I’m in the process of tweaking the preexisting vision, modifying it to fit my ministry philosophy, and being able to share that with the students to help them see what we’re working toward. Below is the 1st draft. I’d welcome any critique, constructive or not :P

First Presbyterian Church of Durango Youth Ministries

Vision Statement (The big idea… What we’re all about):

The vision of the Youth Ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Durango is simple:

Love God. Love People.

Mission Statement (How to accomplish the Vision. Everything we do should fit into one of these ideas):

  • We exist to help students Love God by…
    • Seeking an honest, authentic relationship where we can be real with the King of Kings.
    • Knowing God and his Word. We’re students of what it means to be a Christ-follower, always asking questions and testing answers.
    • Worshipping our Creator. God made us and He made everything around us; our greatest good is to give Him glory and honor.
    • Serving the One who made the biggest sacrifice of all time, by using our time and resources to spread his love.
    • Being Impacted by God’s immeasurable grace, and transformed by the renewing of our minds.
  • We exist to help students Love People by…
    • Creating deepened community. We want an environment that allows for being real with each other and developing friendships to help us on the journey. Community should help us be balanced, and not strain our schedules.
    • Relating to our particular youth culture. We want to make the most of what is good in culture; to affirm and cultivate the grace & beauty God has already planted.
    • Having fun. Just because we’re growing up doesn’t mean we have to stop being kids at heart.
    • Influencing those around us to explore what it means to Love God and Love People, and invite them to join us on the journey.
    • Serving those around us. We will imitate Christ, who came not to be served, but to serve, and give with no strings attached.

2 responses to “Visioneering

  1. So I looked at your visioneering from nearly a year ago. I dig it! As I noticed the section on Love People, if you rearranged the order of them, you could have it spell CHRIS. And that would just be awesome. Of course you could add another one that starts with a T and then you’d have CHRIST, and I do suppose that might be a little more appropriate and possible a radder spelling than my name. If radder can even be a word. Peace bro.

  2. Hey dude thanks for stopping by! I’m not surprised you approve… it was shaped a lot by my own experience as a high school student, and you’re familiar with how that was. So yeah, it’s where I’m headed.
    I’ll have to do that rearranging for you…

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