White Week-Until-Christmas :)

Today, I’m still very much in a good mood from being able to ski for a while yesterday.

We have TONS of snow in town. Well, it’s a lot of snow through the eyes of someone who’s only lived here 11 months… I’m sure the old-timers could grumble how this ain’t nothin’ but at the same time it’s a pain in the arse. I walked to a coffee shop this evening, and the icy sidewalks were quite perilous to navigate… it was definitely easier to stay in the frontyards and get my feet a little snowy.

Also, I got to catch up with an old friend from Monterey…Just happened to get his email address from a mutual friend, so I dropped him a line. When we were close friends, he was a wanderlusting total free spirit who wouldn’t have surprised me if I heard he just picked up and started wandering across Tibet. He’s settled down now, got a basic liberal arts degree in Portland, and works in a pediatric psych ward in Seattle. It’s totally fulfilling for him and I think it’s awesome. I was a little disappointed though, because one of my motives for reestablishing contact was to probe his openness to coming to Durango and having a blast in youth ministry. He volunteered with me doing that in Monterey, and he was awesome with the students… so authentic and down-to-earth. But alas, he’s quite content in Seattle. Oh, and he’s in a season of atheism. I don’t want to seem reactionary, so I’m not going to ask about it right away, but I’m curious to discover how he arrived at that set of conclusions. It’s most important to me to make sure I care mainly about him as an old friend, and not about converting him away from the ‘evils of atheism’, and to have that concern clearly conveyed in our process of catching up.


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