Hey everyone sorry to disappoint as far as not been blogging much… but I’m sure we’ve all got plenty of good reading to keep us busy.

Speaking of copious amounts of reading, I so can’t wait for seminary, if nothing else for the reading lists. Methinks I’ll emerge from seminary with a pretty cool beginning of a library. Actually having to write about it for a grade, well that’s another story. I don’t want to leave my job in Durango to complete my degree (I know… I just want the best of both the educational and career worlds…), so I think I’ll be shopping for well-respected distance learning programs.
In family matters, Nina’s grandma on her mom’s side, really the only one she was close to, died Monday. She’s back in Monterey right now. Everyone seems to be handling it pretty well and taking the celebration over mourning approach, but prayers for the family would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, it’s bachelor pad time again here in Durango. A lot of hanging out with my pets and knocking out to-do lists around the apartment, etc.


One response to “ketchup

  1. is tomato ketchup a solid or a liquid? it has been bugging me for ages!!

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