This week I finally voted on something of significance since putting the Governator in office back in 03 (just for poops and giggles).

I didn’t know a whole lot about candidates, because we didn’t get much print info, and the local TV station ran 90% New Mexico campaign ads. But I researched the Colorado Amendments and Referenda and cast my 2 cents on those:

  • Amd. 38– Loosening regulations governing the petition process. Public: No … Me: No (This would only further tyranny of the minority.)
  • Amd. 39– Requiring school districts to spend 65% of their budget on Teachers/Aides/Tutors, Libraries/Librarians, Books/Curriculum, Classroom Computers, & Field Trips/Athletics/the Arts. Public: No … Me: Yes (Heck yes! Education is gold and my wife will be teaching in a few years.)
  • Amd. 40– Shorten the term limits for CO Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judges. Public: No … Me: No (A certain clause would have required 4 of the 7 Supreme Court judges to simultaneously step down, allowing a huge window of opportunity for an abuse of partisan nominations.)
  • Amd. 41– Tightening of regulations prohibiting elected officials from accepting gifts/favors/etc. from lobbyists. Public: Yes … Me: No. (The concept is great. But the plan was crappy. Create one 5-member panel to investigate all complaints statewide at all levels about corruption. An extremely inefficient example of just making bigger government. Seriously. I’m not against fighting corruption, but they needed a better plan to accomplish it to win my vote. This would have been so inept, just so the people that feel super-strongly about corruption can pat themselves on the back for creating an Ethics Commission.)
  • Amd. 42– Raise Colorado minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.85 an hour, and tie it to the inflation rate. Public: Yes … Me: Yes. (Duh! People making minimum wage usually do jobs that we would hate to do but love to reap the benefits of. They deserve it!)
  • Amd. 43– Clarify the definition of marriage as only one man and one woman. Public: Yes … Me: Yes. (Sorry ACLU-ites. But how about a compromise? Go see how I voted on Referendum I.)
  • Amd. 44– Legalize possession of an ounce or less of marijuana for adults 21+. Also allows transfer of up to one ounce by an individual 21+ to another individual 15+. Public: No … Me: No. (I was conflicted about this one, but since people are gonna use it anyway, the state might as well be able to make some money off of it from fines.)
  • Ref. E– Property tax reduction for disabled veterans. Public: Yes … Me: Yes. (This is a no-brainer. We do a crappy job of thanking our veterans. If you wanna disagree, go visit a VA hospital first, if you can find one. This is just one small step to reward their sacrifices for our country. Don’t try and tell me it’s just another GOP special-interest tax break until you go lose an arm to a grenade. It benefits less than 0.0005 of Colorado residents. I think the state budget will survive.)
  • Ref. F– Loosens all sorts deadlines in the recall process, and turns much of it over to legislators. Public: No … Me: No. (Again, enables tyranny of the minority. If you want to do something like recall an elected official, that’s serious. You better have your act together enough to follow a couple simple petitioning deadlines. Also, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have standards for recalling state officials set by the state legislature. Conflict of interest, anyone?)
  • Ref. G– Remove obsolete provisions from the constitution. Public: Yes … Me: Yes. (Some say this will weaken our constitutional heritage by making constitutional research harder to carry out. No, you idiots! We’re not burning the old provisions, completely wiping them from public memory, and erasing all trace that they ever existed. We’re just making the constitution more succinct. And actually, these obsolete clauses will be brought to the top instead of buried because they are discussed in detail in the language of the Referendum, thereby making it easier to find info on them — you only have to look to the 2006 elections instead of the 1901 elections. Ugh, idiots!)
  • Ref. H– Higher state taxes on business claiming illegal aliens on their payroll. Public: Yes … Me: Yes. (The ease with which aliens can get jobs like the rest of us without having to do their civic duty like the rest of us is one of the major causes of illegal immigration. You wanna be here, you play by the rules. This is a great measure. Plus, they just got a fat $1.70 raise in Amd. 42.)
  • Ref. I– Create a new legal relationship, the Domestic Partnership. Same legal rights and standing as a heterosexual marriage, but limited to same-sex couples. Public: No … Me: Yes. (The relationship I’m in with my wife is definitely something sacred, and I’m not ready to share it with same-sex couples. I’ll shoot straight with you; I don’t agree with that lifestyle. But it’s so disheartening when one partner in a committed homosexual relationship is badly injured or something and the other partner is left legally inept. So I can support their humanity without endorsing their lifestyle. What a bummer that this didn’t pass.)
  • Ref. J– An add-on to Amd. 39. Also throws into the 65% mix the categories of Principals, Support Staff, and Support Services. Public: No … Me: Yes. (Although J would divide that 65% money between more things, I liked the inclusion of support services for teachers. Figured it’d be better to err in favor of education funding rather than in opposition to it.)
  • Ref. K– Should the Attorney General of Colorado be mandated to pursue a lawsuit against the Federal Government to recover costs picked up by the state in enforcing federal immigration law? Public: Yes … Me: Yes. (No-brainer.)

My fingers are tired of typing. I shall post this now.


2 responses to “Voting

  1. Thats a lot to vote on. The gay marriage ban is a whooper there, and passed in I think 7 of 8 states.

  2. OtR are amazing, I am glad you picked them up. How a band that talented stays that small blow my mind. They have two new CD’s coming before March and I am so excited.

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