Halloween Alternative Alternative

When I have kids, I’m taking them trick-or-treating for sure! Yeah, I think I’ll exercise some control over costume selection, but they’re dressing up and getting out there and amassing pounds upon pounds of sweet sugary goodness to share with their Daddy!

I get so sick of the evagelical community asserting in word and action that most kids’ Halloween experience is intrinsically evil. We can argue till we’re blue in the face over the satanic roots that may or may not exist hundreds of years back, but the point is: what is it now? How do our society’s children experience it today? It’s harmless fun.

Sure, there’s a small segment of Halloween revelers that perverts this innocent candy-fest into satanic summonings and animal offerings. Much to my chagrin, the aforementioned subculture of Christians follows suit with the rest of their actions and freaks out about what the minority is doing. Loud-mouth boycotting instead of loving.

…bah humbug! I’m ready for Christmas! :)


One response to “Halloween Alternative Alternative

  1. And I’ll be coming to visit every Halloween to share in the indulgence…let’s call it a new tradition!

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