Books & Catalyst!

I love free stuff. Especially when that free stuff caters to my interests.

I love to read. Therefore, I love it when I get free books.

I’ve been sent all of these simply because I registered for a conference. How sweet, huh? It’s called Catalyst. It’s all about providing Christ-centered leadership that specifically connects with emerging generations of our ever-changing culture (but not just for church workers- people from all spheres of employment come to this thing!). Anyway, I guess Catalyst strikes some deal with publishers to get the publishers’ brand new books out to readers, equivalent of talking it up at the water cooler. Yay.

Speaking of Catalyst, that’s where I’m headed tomorrow. Atlanta, woohoo. I was hoping to get into a routine of blogging about 4 times a week, but that probably won’t happen this week. I hope to take my church’s laptop with me, so I might get some done, but don’t count on it.

I’ll also have a few social and family appointments I’m pretty excited to make after the conference ends each day. We get to stay with one of Nina’s aunt & uncles that I haven’t got to know too well yet (mainly because they live in Georgia). I’ll also hopeully get to see my old High School Pastor, because he goes to Catalyst every year (and even brings his whole staff!). He’s a little hard to get ahold of, though. So, it’s a crapshoot whether he’ll call me or not. I think I can expect a lunch at best. But that would be awesome.



3 responses to “Books & Catalyst!

  1. Russell the time to blog is at a conference. That way the ideas are fresh for you and your rentention is higher, plus all of us who don’t have sweet jobs who can’t make it can get from a trusted source what is going on. Please fill us in sexy!

  2. Haha, good point. Will do, hotlips.

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