Today I threw out probably in the neighborhood of 75 pounds of junk… and it was all paper.  I’ve been emptying out old binders, folders, rolodexes, and other forms of hard-copy organization for a breath of fresh air the past couple days.  (Don’t worry, I recycle as much of it as possible.)  My office is looking so much better now.  I’ve also thrown out a bunch of really crappy pixelated pictures that people had printed off on basic matte cardstock, not even photo paper!  You can tell they used to look OK back in ’92 when they were probably printed on the office’s brand-spankin-new new color Hewlett Packard, but now the color and clarity has deteriorated (or was it really that bad?!?) and the pictures aren’t good for anything.  My church kinda has an unwritten practice of holding on to every single picture ever taken (which in motive is good), but I can’t even save these for archiving by creating a digital copy… ugh.  Another item to get tossed en masse is overhead transparencies (for song lyrics, etc.).  Does anyone ever use those anymore?  Ok, ok, wrong question.  Will I ever use those? I don’t even know where to find my church’s overhead projector.  PowerPoint pwns. Anyway, I can’t wait till I get it all out the door and completely gone; my office might even be worthy of taking a few pictures for posting here (but not for printing, not even high-res printing on glossy paper :) … it’s not that cool).

The moral of the story that I’m picking up on is that in youth ministry, there are literally tons of resources out there.  Some are good in content, and just a little to 80’s in presentation.  But that’s what I’ve been throwing out (in addition to the stuff that’s crappy in content and presentation.  I haven’t even got around to the books, yet.  They’re getting cataloged next week.  Anyway, it would take so much time to get a grasp of how much stuff I inherited with the office that “I have at my fingertips” since none of it is digital.  So maybe I should just set a few things aside as I toss things, and actually start creating my own new stuff that is excellent in content and presentation.  I mean, they gotta be paying me for something.  Best of both worlds, whaddya know…


One response to “Rejuvenation

  1. Hey dude Chrisanity today is putting a Christian Vision Project DVD series for Youth Groups. Thought you might interested.

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