Getting salty

No, I’m not considering a career move to take up peg legs, parrots, and general Caribbean piracy.

One thing that’s been troubling me off and on the past few months is that I kinda live in a Christ-follower bubble.  No, not a Christian bubble.  A Christ-follower bubble. Baylor was a Christian bubble, because it was all about the label. I say I am in a Christ-follower bubble now because I am almost totally surrounded by people that are for-the-most-part submitted to loving the world as Christ did and carrying out his radical ideas.

But there’s a problem.

The fact that it’s a bubble.  Thankfully it’s a Christ-follower bubble, but it’s still a bubble.  That’s all I interact with.  I try to use the excuse of the nature of my job… I have a ton of stuff to get done, so I enlist people to help, and those people tend to be Christ-followers.  I haven’t got to the point where I get to mainly interact with those who don’t necessarily subscribe to what Jesus was all about (which ironically is what Christ actually did).   Nonetheless, I’ve known I needed to man up and find a way to diversify my sphere of contact.  And I just haven’t got it done.

I took a couple students out for coffee tonight.  One of them quite bluntly told me, “I’ve been wanting to meet with you for a while because I want to be straight-up with you and let you know I’m an atheist because I have a lot of objections to all sorts of stuff.”  And I was like Oh awesome! We ended up talking about a lot of other substantial things over the course of the evening, like the unique social stresses of high school.  But I’m definitely looking forward to continuing this dialogue on the permissibility of a life faith.

I’m very excited.  This student is very bright, quite a sharp critical thinker.  He/She’s very into philosophy and I’m not thinking this is just someone who is mad at God from a major disappointment earlier in life.  Not an emotional atheist, but someone willing to compare notes and engage in honest dialogue to get to the root of problems they’ve observed.  I’m not out to convert him/her, even if my particular upbringing instantly flies the red flag of “But what if she died tonight?!?”  I’m out to bring about heaven on earth in this person’s life; there’s a bigger picture than saving souls.  I will live out the faith that’s in my heart; and I will attempt to explain the short list of reasons in my head that I have for being a Christ-follower.

And no, I’m not excited to keep talking with him/her just because his/her dad’s home-brews take 1st place in the county fair, either. ;)


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