A headbutt to humanity

First, major congrats to Italy on World Cup victory. Forza Italia! Compeone del Mondo 2006!


Also, can I just say those guys rock for winning, but also looking good doing it? I mean this in the most heterosexual way possible: they’re just a bunch of handsome studs. In fact, on a broader plane, Italian men and women are some of the most beautiful humans on the planet. The World Cup team, my wife, you get the picture…

But I digress.

The game was marred by possibly the most heinous display of un-sportsmanship I’ve seen in a long time. Apparently an Italian, Materazzi, was playing mindgames with a Frenchie, Zidane, and possibly said some nasty things. So what happened? Zidane delivered a headbutt square to Materazzi’s chest. Unfortunately for France, their top scorer’s actions garnered a red card and his immediate ejection from the game. What fitting irony for them to lose in a penalty kick situation, where having a powerful scorer could have changed the final outcome! If Materazzi did indeed utter an insult, I would wholeheartedly say that he was in the wrong as well.But still! Is not the mark of a gentleman his graceful response in the face of adversity?!? I think there is nothing that can justify Zidane’s actions.

No matter what Materazzi did, Zidane’s humanity binds him to act on reason, not instinct. Man is a step higher than animal by the sole fact that he is not bound by rashness and instinct. Dogs smell each other’s rear-ends based on instinct. Shouldn’t Zidaneact better than that?

Oh, and then there’s good ol’ Jacques Chirac! His post-debacle comments: “Dear Zinedine…I want to express to you…the admiration … of the whole nation – it’s respect too”. Chirac does not surprise me one bit. I pity him.


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