Yesterday was a big unveiling of the mostly-completed facelift that the education wing of my church has been undergoing the past 6 months. Just about everything is complete. However, the youth wing is still a work in progress. The tours of church members roving about the building were a prime opportunity to highlight vision I have for the youth wing and what needs to be done to fulfill that vision. (i.e. the donation shpeel)

One of the things I want to see in the students' own space is community. A cliche but classic way to help with this is little table games and whatnot. So a church member drops off a board game today…

Bibleopoly. Yeah, that's just what it sounds like (a la nevernude). You go around the board, and start churches in the ancient cities of the Bible.

  • Boardwalk? None other than J-town itself, Jerusalem.
  • Rent? Collect offerings (mandatory offerings, might I add).
  • Hotels? Are you kidding me?!? Christians aren't into the hospitality business! It's all about adding bricks to your church building!
  • "Allright, who wants to be the banker and deed guy… oops, I mean overseer and caretaker?
  • "Advance to In the Beginning. Accept no offerings! You may not acquire a brick."
  • Go to Jail… er, I mean, Go Meditate.
  • "Community Chest" cards = "Faith/Contigency" cards
    • "Recite John 3:16 or lose one turn."
  • "Chance" cards = "Abyss" cards
    • "Wavering faith sends you back 7 spaces."

I kid you not. So, who's up for a Spirit-filled game of Bibleopoly?

What ever happened to Mancala? 


One response to “Bibleopoly

  1. Hehe, we should add that to game nites. :)

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