Gonna be gone.

Satudray night, I'm taking off to volunteer at summer camp for a week. I think camp settings are so awesome for giving us what we need to deeply encounter our Creator. No, that's not the bias of a recreation major that you're reading… Camps rock because they often make it a point to remove distractions (i.e. cell phones, iPods, noise). Also, any program director worth his salary knows how to use activities that seem like carefree fun on the surfacebreak to down barriers and promote group bonding. Bottom line, a week at camp is a sweet youth ministry tool. About the only danger that I've encountered lies in poor followup. You've gotta be very deliberate in working after camp's conclusion to fend off the "mountaintop experience."

So, anyway, despite all this nice new posting momentum I've got, the blog will be pretty dead for a week.

Oh, and you just gotta love it when that tax return unexpectedly shows up in your checking account…This means a mini-shopping spree for Nina while she's in Monterey. Tons of stores out there that we don't have in Durango. And she has this amazing knack for finding cool deals. So I'll have her put that to work for me as well, maybe end up with a new pair of shorts :P .


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