Back at it!

Ok, so I know my blog isn’t exactly the most popular one out there. Nonetheless, I was flattered that people pestered me over the past week-and-a-half about the lack of posting going on. So, you want some lousy excuses?

Mainly, I got swamped with my parents being in town. They were driving out from their main house in Waco, TX out to Monterey, CA, where they’ve rented a condo for the summer. No, they’re not loaded, it’s just that my mom refused to spend Summer in Waco. And I can’t say I blame her. On the bright side, they still do own a house in Monterey, but it’s being rented out until they retire there. I dunno, summer condo just sounds so rich. Arrogant rich. But fear not, my parents are pretty simple, honest, loving people.

As a result of trimming down my office time for the parents, I spent some significant time playing catch-up after they left. In the world of youth ministry here in Durango, I’m having a blast. Last Friday, we took some students to go see The Da Vinci Code. We came back and had pizza afterwards, and hashed out some of the foundations of truth and half-truths and fabrications in the novel/movie. I’m so proud of my students; they really have a grasp that it’s just fiction. And they’re sharp enough to know how to relate to a questioning world… they don’t do dogma, they don’t do boycotts/othercotts, etc.

Hey, whaddya know? I just caught you up on life too.

At the moment, I’m nursing a 14 year-old single malt scotch, from the Oban region of Scotland. Highly recommended! I’ll have to admit: I have a sentimental attachment to it… I discovered Oban on my “bachelor un-party excursion” down to a fine resort restaurant in Big Sur, CA. Anyway, on to the objective evaluation. The bouquet is potently sweet, but not overwhelming. (Really, if you don’t like potency anyway, stay away from any respectable scotches!) As far as mouthfeel/body, it’s pretty balanced… doesn’t feel watery, doesn’t feel like syrup. The taste is a cool half-n-half of fruity and spicy, and there’s kind of a smoky/earthy aftertaste. Really good!


One response to “Back at it!

  1. Hey Russell… If you like Oban you should try to get hold of Aberlour. It’s fantastic. I got a 10 year old and a 15 year old sherry cask for Christmas! (oh… and my brother-in-law has just started working for deagio… they own Oban and whole bunch of other malts!!!)

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