Away from me, Joel Osteen!

Life is pretty sweet here in Durango. I was talking with my Best Man last week, and he was just listing all these things that he saw in my life that should make him jealous. He has a right view of things, so there’s no jealousy actually going on, but he was like “Wow…”

I’m not used to this.

I didn’t expect it.

And honestly, I’m like, Ok, God, so what kind of season of adversity must be coming up?

I know God is just like most of our parents… loves to see his kids happy and thanking him for when takes care of them (but not to the Joel Osteen extreme). But seriously, we’re doing way better than we need. When we finish knocking off our credit card and wedding debts in a couple months, our discretionary income will be about twice what our expenses are. What the…?

Obviously, Nina and I definitely are committed to remaining faithful stewards and smart savers when we get there, but it still just blows my mind how much life has changed financially. I mean, in my last job I was pulling down $6.25 an hour and some free food for making candy-bar drinks for spoiled Baylor brats that don’t have a clue about coffee.
If you read the previous post, you found out about my freshly-inherited classic Porsche. That whole situation goes right along with the paragraph above.

Ok, enough with material examples. Have I mentioned that I have the coolest wife in the world? Our marriage is so flippin’ awesome, it’s unbelievable. May 7th was our 4-month anniversary… a third of a year! We rarely get into even a skirmish about anything, we’re balancing personal and joint lives very smoothly, etc. And need I mention how completely revolutionary it is for a relationship when you can innocently just fall asleep tangled up in each other and awake still side-by-side the next morning?

Anyway, as you can see, I’m just completely knocked off my feet how wonderful everything’s working out. In the most pure sense of the phrase:

To God be the glory.


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